Welcome to Airey’s Farm Shop, Quality Meat in Cumbria

Our aim is to produce quality meat with the flavour of years gone by. As a result of this we are now offering meat from rare and traditional breeds. The animals are raised on our own farm as naturally as possible, or from local Cumbrian farms with the same standard of animal welfare as our own.

A history of Aireys Butchers

A Brief History of Airey’s Farm Shop

Airey’s butchers have been in business for over 175 years, and still uses the same site as it did all those years ago. It is now run by Steven Airey, his wife Joanne and Steven’s brother Martin.

Of course there were no strict health & safety rules back in the 1830’s, and the animals used to be slaughtered on a stone slab in a shed and the meat delivered by horse and cart. Now we have an EEC standard, state of the art abattoir which was opened in June 2006 and a small farm shop. Continue reading…